Human Muse Project 

Inspired Abstract Expressionism that creates its own reality of what a portrait is.


The Human Muse Project is Inspired Abstract Expressionism that creates its own reality of what a portrait is.

The Portrait is formed from a session with the subject as the subject verbally poses for the portrait on video chat or phone call through an explorative conversation about their life journey. I gain an essence of their self from their life experiences and vibration through the private session. Every element is observed, deconstructed, and assists in creation of the art. The story of their journey generates a vivid color pattern and series of numbers motivating the developing composition. The myriad of independent inputs from the individual, energy of their life path, and my translation of their idiosyncrasies is reflected in every brush stroke and color choice.

The technique for each portrait is in my stylized off-square aesthetic. The deconstruction process of their journey is echoed in each portrait and every portrait is as unique as the subject and their experiences. 

When creating a Solo piece, I translate specifically for one individual and their story. Creating a unique expression of their journey on the canvas. 

When creating a Duo piece, I develop the intermixing of the two individuals onto the canvas, creating a single image that encompasses the union of their intersecting paths on the canvas, paying homage to their bond.

DETAILS: Created horizontally.  24”x 48” professional cotton canvas stretched on wood 1½” deep. Crafted with long lasting golden acrylic paints, isolation coat, and varnish. *Floating frame optional size adjustment h 28”x w 52” 3.5 depth. Weight 9-15 pounds. 


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Solo 2. Private Client



Cosondra Sjostrom, human.